Why and how do I microchip my cats and kittens?


The Animal Pedigree Act requires that all purebred cats living in Canada be identified with a single ID number. To this day, the microchip is the best and safest way to identify animals permanently.


  • Purchase the microchip directly from the CCC (you will benefit from reduced prices thanks to our agreement with microchip company Pet Home Today) at:
  • Implant the microchip in your cats and kittens yourself. Legally you have the right to implant a microchip in your own cats and kittens as long as they are under your care.
  • Ask your veterinarian or an animal health technician from your clinic to show you how.


    Ask your veterinarian to implant the microchip (provided by you) when sterilizing your kittens or during a visit for vaccines.

You do not need to fill a registration form for the microchip number to be in the database. This service is provided free of charge by the CCC when registering your cats and kittens with us.

Can I use other microchips not sold by the CCC?

Make sure that the microchip meets Canadian standards and that you get a fair price.

Can I use microchips sold by the CCC to microchip other animals not registered with the CCC?

Make sure to complete Pet Home Today registration forms to be in their database. You will need to ask for those forms at the time of purchase.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance:

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