Naming your cat

The name of a cat consists of two or three parts.

First part: Name of cattery of origin (where the cat was born). This name will never change.

Second part: Common name (nickname) of the cat. This name may change at the request of the new owner.

Third part: Name of current cattery (where the cat now lives). This name may change when reselling the cat to another breeder for example.

Ex.: Rougette Miouf of Rubic
This cat was born at the Rougette Cattery
His nickname is Miouf
He now lives at the Rubic Cattery

If the name of the cat is Rougette Miouf only, it means the cat was born at the Rougette Cattery and is still living there or is living with someone who has no cattery name (ex.: for sterilized kittens).

Keep in mind that the cat's entire name must not exceed 40 characters, including spaces.

Naming your cattery

There are two important things to consider for a cattery name to be included in a cat name.

First, if the cattery is on Canadian soil, it must be registered with Chats Canada Cats.
This request is not a whim, all feline organizations operate that way, but our reasons are more complex.

In view of the request for incorporation under the Animal Pedigree Act, all existing cattery names on the territory will in time have to be centralized. They are presently part of different registries and unfortunately many catteries have the same name. As a consequence, cattery owners will need to modify or change the name of their cattery. We have decided to operate on a first come, first protected, basis.

If there is no cattery name on your cat's certificate of registration or pedigree, this will be rectified in registries as soon as the breeder will have register the name of his cattery with CCC according to current policies.

Second, since it is part of the name of the cat, the name of your cattery cannot be changed unless you send a request for modification.

Ideally, opt for a simple, single word name. If you select a name containing several words, they will be written one after the other, without any spaces.

Ex.: Cattery Minouche will be written: Minouche
Cattery Les belles minouches will be written: Lesbellesminouches

Choose your cattery name carefully: The longer the name, the more difficult it will be to comply with the maximum of 40 characters when naming your cats and kittens.

Usual cat names

Does the name have to begin with a specific letter corresponding to a year? NO

This European "one letter per year" system is a remnant of an animal tracing method used by an organization that never crossed the Atlantic. It's less important today since the implementation of the mandatory microchip method.

At CCC you can use any name you want and even let the customer decide. If two names are the same, numbers will be added at the end, like Max 6 and Guizmo 4.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the CCC Registrar at

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