Genetics and Medecine Committee's Recommendations on White Cats

Genetics and Medecine Commitee

Terrebonne, July 27th, 2017

The Chats Canada Cats' Genetics and Medicine Committee was asked to look into the relationship between the color white in cats and the possible deafness that can occur and make recommendations as to what guidelines the organization should adopt in terms of registration and genealogical monitoring.

As a result of our research, the Committee has determined that Chats Canada Cats should adopt a regulation prohibiting the mating of two white cats together. This includes to both white cats (W) and white point cats and their variants (cs/cs, cs/cb, cb/cb).

The Committee strongly suggests that all breeders should test their white cats and white point cats for deafness before breeding. This is a good breeding practice to adopt.

However, the committee feels that it's premature at this time to make this mandatory for CCC registration. In order to encourage this practice, the Committee proposes that results be registered on the cat's CCC registration.

The Committee makes these recommendations to the Board of Directors so it can provide the necessary measures and support for breeders as soon as possible.

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