Procedures for sending forms:

  1. Click on the form below to open and/or download to your computer.
  2. Print, complete and sign the form.
  3. Send the form by mail to ChatsCanadaCats - Succursale Bureau Chef, Case postale 15, Laplaine, Terrebonne, QC, Canada J7M 1Z2) or email to

Procedures for sending payment:

  1. Calculate your total including taxes applicable to your province (instruction on the form).
  2. Send a personal check to ChatsCanadaCats with your form by mail.


  3. Payment by PayPal: click the BUY NOW button below. Warning, you must enter the total amount of your purchase (including taxes applicable to your province) in the rectangle. Make sure that your total is in the last line (whole object).
Cat Expos - Online Show Entry Forms
Membership Form 2024
Pure Breed Cat Registration Application
Household Pet Registration Application
Litter Registration Application
Reserved Cattery Name Registration Application

Registered Cattery Name
Breeders Advertising Form
HL Cat Description
Clerking Program Application
Show forms
Candidate's nomination papers
Non-Breeding Agreement
Cancellation of a Non-Breeding Agreement
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