Legal Defense Fund for Cat Breeders: A World Premiere!

By Caroline Gamache, Director of Legal Affairs

A motion to create a legal defense fund for cat breeders was passed by members at the September 10th, 2018 Board Meeting. These are the highlights:


Fund created by the organization to ensure that legal representation is made available to regular CCC members in cases of legal difficulties.

This fund may be used:

  • So that Chats Canada Cats (CCC) may be a stakeholder in a cause that may affect the entire cat breeding community and/or its members;
  • To pay legal costs, in whole or in part, for a member in a cause that may set a precedent for the entire cat breeding community and/or for CCC members;

Fund Allocation

By vote of the Board of Directors and by combined recommendation of the Legal Affairs Director and the Litigation Department.


Goal: In 2022 - $150 / Regular Member


  • Payment of $15 per person attending for the first time: Administration of a Catteryinto the fund, member or non-member (payment at the end of training session);
  • Donations;
  • Special fundraisers;
  • Transfer of CCC surplus.

A fund management report will be provided at the General Assembly of Members upon filing financial statements.

By this decision, the Board of Directors wishes to express its willingnessto ensure full and fair legal representation to Chats Canada Cats Members in cases of justified legal or judicial difficulties, in the Canadian context of public policy coherence issues.

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