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The Balinese is a Siamese cat with a semi-longhair coat; hence these two breeds share the same history until the 1950s.

The British imported the Siamese cats in Europe at the end of the 19th century. These exotic cats were shown in London as early as 1813 and quickly captivated the heart of the British. The original Siamese shown were seal points, but as blue, chocolate and lilac colors appeared between 1930 and 1954 the number of accepted colors increased.

A trace dating from 1928 was found on the existence of a semi-long hair Siamese. Since semi-longhair kittens appeared naturally in Siamese litters, this cat is believed to be the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation. The kittens were however rejected from the reproduction circle for non compliance with the Siamese standards. After World War II, many Siamese were imported in the US and two American Siamese breeders started a new breed by selecting only the semi-longhair kittens of the Siamese litters. They named this new breed Balinese to reflect their grace and elegance that reminded them of Balinese dancers.

Several Balinese breeders worked on the recognition of the breed by showing in many exhibits. The breed was finally recognized by TICA and CFA in 1970, by FIFE in 1972 and by LOOF in 1983.

This ancient and natural breed is definitely worth knowing. As the Siamese, the Balinese is playful, outgoing and active. Very chatty, he loves interacting with his human; he is a born communicator and gazes into your eyes with intensity. Athletic, he is also gregarious, intelligent and extremely loving. His temperament is as soft as his coat. These qualities are however unique to each Balinese depending on each history. If you are looking for a Balinese, you will never be alone again. He will love you unconditionally and want to be involved in everything you or your family do.

Moreover, Balinese cats produce very low amounts of Fel d1 protein allergens in their saliva and are considered less allergenic than most cats.


The first recognized Balinese Foreign White of North America arrived in the province of Quebec in 2014: Felis Cou-Cou Zaffiro of Sous le Saule.

The Balinese Foreign White ... a very special cat! Fantasy or reality? A small elf so perfect that he looks almost unreal...

Without a doubt the most elegant of oriental cats, the Foreign White has a style of his own: he personifies sheer beauty, simple, immaculate.

The first Foreign White was born in England in 1962 and is the result of three breeding programs led by Irish Elizabeth Flack and British Brian Stirling-Web and Pat Turner. However, the credit generally goes to Pat Turner who had the initial idea for the Foreign White. He was born from the union of a British White and a Siamese Seal Point. Breeders chose to breed these two felines in order to get a white blue-eyed Siamese. The first Balinese Foreign White was born from mating a Siamese Foreign White with a Balinese Seal Point.

Even if he has blue eyes, the Foreign White is not deaf. He gets his blue eyes from the Color Point gene found in Siamese rather than from the dominant white gene (W). This explains the absence of deaf problems in the breed.

In excellent physical condition, this cat is svelte, refined, elegant and extremely sweet. This white stranger is sensitive and dedicated to his master, creating a strong connection with him. Intelligent, he is talkative and a real life companion. He participates in his master's activities and only has eyes for him. He also adores the company of other family members as well as cats and dogs; as long as his beloved master is present, the world is a wonderful place to him! Because of the lack of breeders producing the white color and the semi-long hair, the Balinese Foreign White is extremely rare.

Devoted to his master, this little bundle of joy uses his imagination to get your attention and will love you forever.

The Balinese Foreign White is mesmerizing; he is sweet, sensual, intelligent and possessive. Characteristics he shares with his brother the Balinese Color Point.

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