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The breeders who followed the course of the CCC are identified by the following icons:

Formation - Administration d'une chatterie  Formation - Accouplement Formation - Maladies infectieuses et parasites  Formation - Basic Color Genetics - 1

For descriptions of the course, click here.

Champion - CCC

This icon is awarded to catteries that have produced a champion or a first in the last 24 months. The title of Champion or Premier is awarded to the cat that got 4 purple ribbons (from 4 different judges) at a cat show. These ribbons confirm that the cat corresponds to the breed standard.

Certification générale ANIMA-Québec   Certification génétique plus ANIMA-Québec

For more info on "certification générale" and on "certification génétique plus"
of ANIMA-Québec, visit: www.animaquebec.com

Anima Québec
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