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The Bengal Cat was created in the United States by breeding a black domestic cat, the American Shorthair, with an Asian wild cat, the Bengal Leopard, a spotted wild animal found in the forest of South-East Asia in the Province of Bengal. The goal of this crossing was to obtain a domesticated mini-leopard with the sociable temperament of a domestic cat. The Bengal breed was accepted by TICA (The International Cat Association) in 1991.

The Bengal is a beautiful cat with either marbled or spotted markings, a slightly triangular head, small ears, a long tail and a soft and silky fur that shines in the sun (glitter for the brown color). The markings are black, chocolate or cinnamon. Like the leopard, the rosettes are more or less closed circles with a paler color in the center. The marble pattern is characterized by very broad and horizontally lengthened marbling.

Like the leopard-cat of Bengal, this cat has a very raspy voice. The sound is very different from the domestic cat as it is louder and more intense. This characteristic accentuates his "wild side".

It seems that the Bengal has preserved both the insurance, confidence and the athletic side of the leopard-cat as well as the softness of the domestic cat: he is affectionate, intelligent, social, happy and communicative and is very attached to his owner. The Bengal likes children and other animals and he adores water: he will even follow his owner under the shower or in the pool. This cat is muscular and likes to climb. He has a strong personality and likes to be the center of attraction.

His attractive appearance and his affectionate nature make the Bengal Cat a wonderful companion.

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