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The first Cornish Rex was born in 1950 in Britain of a litter of 5 kittens. This kitten had the features of the future Cornish Rex. Probably a genetic mutation made him a cat with soft and curly fur. To maintain this recessive mutation type, this male kitten was mated with his mother to create a new line. Couplings have also made with Siamese, Burmese and the British Shorthair. The breed was officially recognized in England in 1967.

It's a great cat, stirring, player, acrobat and always cheerful. It is renowned for being sociable with other cats and dogs. He hates loneliness that makes him a true pot of glue. It is an intelligent and very family cat. It is an excellent companion for children.

Physically, it is a slender cat with thin egg-shaped head. It has long thin legs and an arched back. All coat colors are permitted for the breed. His hair is composed of down and undercoat only. This makes him a cat loses virtually no fur.

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