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The Lykoi, a cat stemming from a natural mutation of a black Domestic Shortair.

Lykoi comes from the ancient Greek that means Wolf.

The breed started officially in 2010.

DNA tests were made at the DUC (Davis University of California) in the Veterinary Genetic Laboratory to determine if the Lykoi mutations were identical to the Sphynx/Devon Rex and confirmed that this mutation was different.

In Europe, this time in June 2014, a Lykoi was found in Italian streets by a refuge volunteer worker. Genetic sicknesses, color and blood group tests were also made. At the Tennessee University, dermatologists examined the Lykoi for sicknesses and skin anomalies but found no pathological reasons that could warrant this coat. The cardiologist also made ultrasonic cardiographies so as to detect the least heart anomaly. It was certified that these cats had a perfect health condition and that the appearance of their fur was not due to some trouble.

These cats have a very nice personality. They are very affectionate and curious, they adore to hug and love to be caressed in return, as soon as they trust in you. They are very precocious cats that progress very fast and leave the nest very rapidly to venture outwards pushed by their high curiosity to discover everything.

As soon as their human is close enough they let their playful personality express itself. This is how they can play endlessly with whatever falls under their paws. Lykoi are very active and are even stunt prone. They are very agile and can leap extremely high. Lykoi are not very talkative, but they manage to be heard when they crave the presence of their favourite human or when they want something special that they recognize such as the noises associated with feeding time. They are also kind of greedy but up to now haven't shown any digestion weakness or developed other intestinal problems.

Lykoi get along with all other cat breeds and even with dogs whom they like to nag a little so they can take their place.

The first Lykoi are not of a great size, the females weight between 2 and 3.5 kg while the males weight between 3.6 and 4.5 kg.

Their coat is unique. Lykoi are bare around the eyes, on the nose, around the mouth and around the ears with a partial alopecia on the extremities of their limbs.

Nude parts are similar to the touch as the touch of leather with a rubbery feeling. Beyond a hard hair aspect, the coat of the Lykoi is very soft to the touch.

Genetically, they all have shorthair, nonetheless their hair seems longer then the hair of short hair cats. Their coating is made up of 50/50 coloured hair and white hair, a feature called Roan in other animal breeds.

Lykoi shed regularly with a different intensity. Sometimes they are more bare than at other moments, but seem less nude at the start of Autumn.

Presently, there are 17 breeders in the world chosen by the founders.

On October 17th 2015, a Lykoi was shown by Madam Denise Ouellet at the CCC (Chats Canada Cats) Joliette Show as an Evolving Breed.

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