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The Persian is a placid, quiet, phlegmatic, sedentary cat, entirely satisfied with apartment life. Extremely attached to his master, he is friendly, peaceful, mild-tempered, soft, and affectionate. He gets along with other cats, dogs, and children but is usually reserved around strangers. He does not mind being alone and needs a calm environment to be fulfilled. He has a soft quiet voice. The Persian reaches maturity at two years old and puberty no sooner than at twelve months of age. This cat is not prolific as births are difficult. Grooming (brushing, combing and washing) is a significant constraint; untangling his coat daily is crucial as knots and mats soon develop in the hair. Shedding occurs in spring and summer. Prone to watery eyes, these need regular cleaning.

The Persian’s head is round and massive, with a broad dome shaped top of head. Ears are small, round and set well apart. Eyes are round, large and set far apart. Body is medium to large with short massive bones and short straight legs.

His coat and undercoat are fine in texture, thick, and long all over the body (average of 10 cm and up to 20 cm at the ruff). All colors are accepted.

The Colourpoint Persian (pointed) is a separate breed commonly known as the Himalayan in other countries. Here in Canada the Himalayan is called the Colourpoint Persian.

The first Colourpoint Persian (pointed), a longhaired cat with a Siamese coat, was born as a result of research done on the Siamese gene.

The true Colourpoint Persian (pointed) is the result of breeding programs and was achieved by crossing a semi-longhaired Siamese with a black and blue Persian.  The breed was ultimately recognized in England in 1955 and in the US in 1957.

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