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Noble, distinguished and somewhat reserved, the Russian Blue is the aristocrat of the feline world. The Russian Blue originated in the port of Arkhangelsk located in the White Sea near the Arctic Circle. For the last few years, the Russian Blue has been referred to as simply the Russian because of two cousins, mostly known as the Russian Black and the Russian White.

The Russian is a foreign Oriental type cat with a remarkable short and full silky coat. The Russian comes in three uniform, bright and shimmering colors: blue, deep black and white. The silvery tip to the hairs reflects the light and the coat shimmers like silk. The Russian cat's eyes are emerald green.

The Russian Blue is the feline version of soviet charm. His main qualities are softness and serenity. This cat is gentle, quiet and pleasant. If the feeling is mutual, he will love his owner unconditionally. Very robust, active and vivacious, the Russian is playful and possesses many skills but he is also a stay-at-home cat and needs a calm environment in order to be fulfilled. The Russian has an adorable temperament and a vivid intelligence. Discrete and rarely heard, the Russian's voice is soft and melodious. The Russian Blue is a sensitive and curious cat who likes to sit by the window and play without being destructive.

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