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The Siberian Cat is a breed native to Russia. This large cat is distinguished by his semi-longhair coat and his barrel shaped body.

The origins of the Siberian Cat go back to Transcaucasia and Iran before migrating with the settlers to the south of Siberia where the breed naturally developed. The Siberian is renowned for his healthy constitution and highly adaptable temperament.

The Siberian came to North America in 1990 by Starpoint Cattery. There is a big difference in weight between male and female: the male can weigh from 6 kg to 10 kg and the female, much smaller, between 3.5 kg and 7 kg. In the spring, the Siberian loses his very thick winter fur for a less dense summer coat.

The Siberian Cat's barrel shape and round body is not a sign of obesity but of a strong and substantial bone structure. With his powerful muscles, the Siberian gives the appearance of strength. The hind-legs of the Siberian are rounded and longer than the front legs. They have powerful medium size legs; paws are large, round and well tufted between the toes. The Siberian Cat tail is rather short, tapering slightly to a rounded tip. Almost all colors are permitted except for chocolate, cinnamon and lilac.

A great dimorphism is noted between the male and the female Siberian Cat. This large cat is extremely slow to mature taking as long as five years. The Siberian Cat possesses a quiet strength but is also very active and full of energy. Very agile, he can leap great distances and heights. His outstanding powerful muscles allow him to run very fast. The Siberian has a gentle soul and mixes well with other cats.

Very attached to his owner, this feline is a good companion and appreciates family life. The Siberian Cat loves human contact and is very social. When well chosen, he will greet you at the door and will be curious to meet visitors. He will follow you wherever you go.

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