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First and foremost, the Sphynx is a CANADIAN breed originating in Northern Ontario at the end of the 1970s. Due to a spontaneous mutation, this hairless cat has a skin that feels like a smooth nectarine or a soft peach. However, baldness is not his only characteristic as he never fails to draw a strong reaction from people. It's a strange feeling when looking at a beautiful Sphynx for the first time; at first glance he appears "ugly" and surprises you, and then you love him!

The Sphynx has a wrinkled body, big ears, a round shaped head with prominent cheekbones and lemon shaped eyes. His body is barrel-chested and full with a round abdomen giving the appearance of having recently eaten a large meal. The Sphynx has long toes like fingers with well defined phalanges. His paw pads are thicker than other cats giving the appearance of walking on cushions. In order to keep that special feature, the Sphynx must not be declawed.

In conclusion, as the Cornish Rex is compared to the "Greyhound" in dogs, the Sphynx is definitely the "bulldog" of the feline world.

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